There are three main types of artificial lenses - each with its own indications, benefits, and uses.

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Thanks to advances in technology, there are now multiple lens options to choose from at the time of cataract surgery. But how do we know which lens to choose? 

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering the artificial lens implant

with very GENERALIZED recommendations:

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How is the overall health of your eye?

  • I have another eye condition (like glaucoma or a retina problem): MONOFOCAL

  • My eyes are completely healthy: MONOFOCAL or MULTIFOCAL


What do you do for a living?

  • I need to have excellent vision either at distance or near (for example: pilots, dentists): MONOFOCAL may be better

  • I am retired/don't work or typically just "live my life": MULTIFOCAL may be an option


How do you feel about relying on glasses?

  • I don't mind wearing glasses: with the MONOFOCAL, you WILL NEED to use glasses

  • I hate wearing glasses and would prefer not to: with the MULTIFOCAL, you can expect to be glasses-free for about 90% of your activities

Do you prefer to read in print (newspapers, books, magazines)?

  • Yes: lighting will be important, more with the MULTIFOCAL than the MONOFOCAL

  • No preference: WILL NEED reading glasses with the MONOFOCAL, should not have to rely on reading glasses with the MULTIFOCAL


Do you spend a lot of time on electronic devices (computer/cell phone)?

  • Yes: WILL need glasses with the MONOFOCALMULTIFOCAL should give you a good range of vision but will be more susceptible to eye strain and dry eye

  • Not really: WILL NEED glasses with the MONOFOCAL, should not have to rely on glasses with the MULTIFOCAL


How often do you drive at night / spend time in low lighting conditions?

  • Often: MONOFOCAL will provide better contrast than the MULTIFOCAL. May have haloes or starbursts around lights at night with the MULTIFOCAL

  • Infrequently: MONOFOCAL or MULTIFOCAL


Do you have astigmatism?

  • Yes: MONOFOCAL* does NOT correct astigmatism, MULTIFOCAL does. 


*The TORIC MONOFOCAL lens will correct astigmatism. This is NOT covered by insurance but can be considered even if you have another eye condition. 


How important is it to minimize out of pocket costs?

  • I want everything covered by insurance: MONOFOCAL

  • I don't mind an out of pocket cost: MONOFOCAL or MULTIFOCAL