What are floaters?

Do you ever think you're seeing specks  or dust particles when they're not really there? Chances are you're seeing floaters. Dr. Gupta sees them too!


Floaters are related the gel in the back of the eye and are usually not of concern and often age related most of the of time. Through a comprehensive exam which involves dilation, we will make sure that the floaters are normal and not indicative of another disease or eye condition. 

Are floaters dangerous?

For the most part, floaters are normal and are related to the gel that fills the back part of the eye. As we age the composition of the gel changes resulting in big floaters that patients often describe as "cobwebs", "thread", or even "pieces of hair". As these changes happen there is a chance that they may cause a tear or hole in the retina which requires prompt attention. 


New floaters may be accompanied by flashes of light.

If you experience new floaters you should have a dilated exam within 24-48 hours (or as directed by your ophthalmologist)




New floaters?

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